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Gratitude & Love Are The Heart Of Healing

Do you have the heart to heal yourself?

Thriving Self care Mentorship

Work with Johnny to become empowered with the tools for lasting transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Thriving health made easy

Knowledge is power! Join Johnny in an engaging, empowering & transformative online course designed to enable you to become your own healer & guru.

Speaking events

Learn the fundamental principles of health and vitality in a fun and interactive environment.

"Working with Johnny is a true investment in personal vitality for a long and health filled life".


About Johnny

Speaker, Naturopath, Herbalist, Optimist, Difference Maker

Johnny whole heartedly believes your health starts with what you eat, what you drink, what you think and what you believe. 

Johnny is known for helping people navigate all of the conflicting information out there and discovering what truly nourishes every part of the holistic human being that you are.


"What first drew me to Johnny as a Naturopath was his intimate knowledge of the effects of vital nutrients and the elements on the body. I could see that his passion lied, not in simply following protocols and doctrines, but in true vitality and practical implementation of nutrition and lifestyle".

Christine / Massage Therapist / QLD

"Johnny, what can I say? A dedicated, intelligent human with the drive to become more than your average naturopath. Johnny has personally helped me physically and mentally by educating me through diet changes and mindset exercises helping me to be the best I can be, and trust me, I gave him a challenge! If you're in need of a health overhaul or just some tweaking of your health strategies, Johnny's calm, caring demeanour matched with his ever growing knowledge will be a fantastic step forward". 

James/ Artist / NSW

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