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Peaceful Warrior

Men's Health Mentorship

Break through your barriers, take off your masks & step into your Thriving Sacred Masculine


& gain the tools you need to dramatically change your life!

Give Yourself The Ultimate Gift of Self Awareness, Self Acceptance & Self Care


Imagine waking up each and every morning and jumping out of bed with energy, ready to live your day with the confidence of KNOWING that you stand in the integrity of your manhood & knowing how to deeply care for yourself & those you love. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to the toxic masculine culture & step into your thriving self?

Let go of the masks you've been wearing your entire life.


Rewrite the story of what ​you've been conditioned to believe it means to be a Man!

Evolve and Embrace a new way of Being that honours every facet of your unique self. 

Step into the truest essence of what it means to be a MAN.

Someone who is NOT afraid to be vulnerable. Not afraid to open his heart and be compassionate. Not afraid to be there for other men in his life. Not afraid to admit when he is wrong. Not afraid to express raw, authentic emotion and who has the courage to deeply nourish his mind, body and spirit. 

A real man treats his mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health with reverence so he can be the best version of himself for himself and the people he loves. 

Values determination

Get crystal clear on what your highest values in life are & how to align your energy with those values to maximise your health & vitality.

Master your emotions & shadows

Learn how to understand, process and befriend your emotions, even your dark ones so you can stop wasting energy trying to be something you're not. . 

learn powerful rituals & cultivate dicipline

Learn the most powerful rituals & cultivate the discipline that allows you to master your physical and emotional body.

no bs nutrition & movement practices

Get an in depth understanding of the fundamental truths of nutrition and movement so you can stop wasting time, energy and money chasing fad diets and misinformation. 

Whats included in your Peaceful Warrior Mentorship?

This is a deep dive into the depths of YOU and your internal world.

A journey of learning how to embrace, own and love all aspects of yourself, shadows and all.

To breakthrough any limiting beliefs and learn the fundamental skills of self care so you can be the best possible version of yourself for yourself and those you love.

We'll work together weekly as I provide ongoing, targeted support and coaching to help you bring your thriving self care vision to life and journey into your true sense of masculinity. 

Every Man's Self Care Vision is beautifully unique. Every Man's vision of their ideal, healthiest version of themselves is uniquely different. Our journey will begin by getting crystal clear on what thriving health looks and feels like to YOU. 

Here is a list of things to expect from the mentorship.....

  • 2 X Face to face, Skype or phone consultations every week for 4 weeks.

  • Unlimited support via txt or email.....whenever you have a question or a problem you're working through, no matter what it is, I'm here to help you through it. 

  • A huge library of my favourite resources such as movement/exercise routines, personalised nutrition coaching, inspirational youtube content, podcasts, recipes, meditation tracks etc.

  • Learn how to determine your highest values in life and how to align your goals, your focus and your energy with those values to ensure lasting change.

  • Learn how to set goals that are deeply meaningful to YOU so you are INSPIRED from within rather than externally motivated to pursue them. 

  • Daily movement/exercise routines and powerful rituals designed to cultivate inner strength, discipline and willpower of the peaceful warrior.    

  • A deeply profound education into the reality of health, nutrition and self care. You will gain the gift of being able to see through all the mis-information out there and see health and nutrition for the simple practice that it is. 

  • Regular check ins from me to keep you accountable throughout the process of change. 

  • Lifetime access to my online course Thriving Health Made Easy valued at $499

  • This is a deep dive into transforming mind, body and spirit, the only true way to create lasting transformation. 


BONUS: Online Course: Thriving Health Made Easy

Module 1: What is Vitality? Mapping Your Road To Wellness

Module 2: Removing Obstacles to Health & Our Primal Human Origins

Module 3: The Three (3) Pillars of Thriving Self Care

Module 4: Redefining Nutrition & Principles of the Naturopathic Diet

More about the modules below 

The Modules:

Module 1: 

What is Vitality? Mapping Your Road To Wellness


Learn the true meaning of what it is to be VITAL. To be in a state of THRIVING health.  It’s not what you’ve been led to believe.

Learn how to set powerful goals and intentions that are in alignment with what is truly important and valuable to the unique being that is YOU. 

Learn how to break free from the societal norms that hold you back from creating the life and the health of your dreams. 

Learn how to craft a powerful vision of your highest and most vibrant SELF. 

Learn how to determine your core values in life and how to use them as a compass in your life, directing you toward vitality. 

Module 2: 

Removing Obstacles to Health + Our Primal Human Origins


Here we shine a bright line on all of the things in the modern world that are preventing you from living the highest vision of your highest self. The many things in our immediate environment that are serving as obstacles to health and healing. 

You Cannot Heal In The Environment You Go Sick In

Learn how to craft an environment that supports your health and healing rather than hindering it. 

Learn the important truth of our human origins and how understanding this is the key to thriving in the modern world. 

Module 3:

The Three (3) Pillars Of Thriving Self Care


Learn the important foundations of self care and how to empower each pillar to support your thriving self care vision. 

No pillar is more important than the other, they each work in synergy to create an environment that supports your road to wellness. 

Module 4: 

Redefining Nutrition & Principles of the Naturopathic Diet


Learn just how disconnected we have become from the true, original meaning of the terms nutrition and diet.

Learn how corrupted and industrialised they have become and learn how to reconnect with their origins and empower yourself in the process. 

Learn the power of holism and extend your understanding of what nourishes the human animals that we are.

Why do the mentorship?

Empower Yourself & Others

A new wave of Men are stepping up in the world.

Men who are NOT deeply fulfilled by the toxic culture of alcohol, aggression, body building and objectifying women. 

Men who are searching for a deep sense of meaning, purpose and connection in their lives.


Men who want to be a role model for their kids and future generations and to stand in integrity for the people he loves.  

That journey starts with giving yourself permission to grow, and leave the old model of masculinity behind. 

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Take The Confusion Out of Health & Nutrition

To step fully into the strong and sacred masculine, you need to deeply nourish your mind, body and spirit. 

In this program you will NOT learn about the fad diets of the world or the next quick fix. Instead, you will learn the inputs the body, mind and spirit needs in order to truly thrive.

Who it's for...

This program is for MEN who are:

  • Ready to take responsibility for their own life & health.

  • Sick of being confused, exhausted & lost navigating all of the conflicting health & nutrition info out there.

  • Have a knowing that the old model of masculinity is NOT serving them and are searching for another path.

  • Know that there is a level of vitality within them begging to be tapped into.

  • Experiencing digestive issues, fertility issues, fatigue, anxiety, sleep disorders, mood disorders, skin problems or any other health issue and seeking answers.

  • Open to learning new skills in all areas of life that contribute to  health. 

Who it's NOT for...

This program is NOT is for MEN who are:

  • Looking for the next fad diet or quick fix.

  • NOT willing to re-evaluate and take responsibility their own life and health

  • Too proud to admit that they may have destructive habits and beliefs that need shifting.

  • NOT open to new ideas and concepts regarding health and vitality.

  • Not wanting to take their health, energy and life in general to the next level. 

  • Already know everything there is to know about health, wellness and manhood.

Facilitator: John Foreman


Join Naturopath and Thriving Self Care founder John Foreman for this special program.


Clinical Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Exercise Scientist & Speaker

Johnny is whole-heartedly passionate about taking the confusion out of health and nutrition and guiding you back to a state of vibrant health using whole food nutrition and herbal medicine as well as lifestyle and movement coaching that empowers you to take your health into your own hands.

Johnny believes that your health starts with what you eat, what you drink, what you think, what you believe and the environment that you surround yourself with. He is devoted to guiding people back to the principles of self-care and self mastery.

What People Are Saying About Johnny... 

Jimmy, Business Owner

Johnny is really, really informative. The information is conveyed in a way that is easy to understand. The one thing I loved was the fact that he didn't provide you with a structured and inflexible plan but rather a number of simple changes you can make in your life and the reason for those changes.

Jules, Teacher

Morning Johnny! I just wanted to give you a huge heartfelt thanks for your inspiration and words of wisdom at your recent Stree & Energy workshop in sapphire. I’ve established those rituals and rediscovered the joy of mediation and re-wiring my brain to positive self talk and self acceptance. I can’t thank you enough.

James, Artist

"Johnny, what can I say? A dedicated, intelligent human with the drive to become more than your average naturopath. Johnny has personally helped me physically and mentally by educating me through diet changes and mindset exercises helping me to be the best I can be, and trust me, I gave him a challenge!

What are

you waiting


Step up and grow into the MAN you know you can be

Your life of thriving health & vitality awaits

Total Value of the Mentorship:

👉 8 x 1:1 sessions with Johnny = $780

👉 24/7 access to Johnny via email/text for the Mentorship month PLUS 1 month after = Invaluable

👉BONUS: Lifetime access to online course Thriving Health Made Easy valued at $499

Investment: $1279.00

Now $499.00 

*You can expect to receive a confirmation email from within 2-8 hours after signing up. Make sure you check your Junk Folder as we don't want you to miss out! If you don't receive this email, let me know at

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