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Step Into Your Thriving Self

Stop surviving & start thriving with purpose, power & integrity.

Reclaim your focus, simplify your life & create rapid transformation

Imagine waking up every morning and jumping out of bed with abundant energy, ready to live your day with the confidence of KNOWING how to deeply care for yourself. How to align your mind, body & spirit.

Imagine trusting in the wisdom of your body and the nature of your own BEINGNESS.

Imagine walking through life being led by your HEART rather than your worrying monkey mind.  

Imagine knowing exactly how to nourish every facet of your being because you are in complete alignment with the FLOW of life. Creating every moment from your heart.

No more turning to influencers, nutritionists, life coaches or guru's because you have a deep connection with, and understanding of food, your body and the world around you.

Imagine truly enjoying food, free of the guilt, second guessing and judgement that comes with fad dieting. 

Can you imagine what living as your most vibrant, authentic and thriving self would be like?

As your guide & confidant, we will deeply explore your own natural intelligence so you can finally resolve what's been holding you back and create exponential results in every area of your life.

This level of Vitality is possible!!
You just need to give yourself permission!!


"What first drew me to Johnny as a Naturopath was his intimate knowledge of the effects of vital nutrients and the elements on the body. I could see that his passion lied, not in simply following protocols and doctrines, but in true vitality and practical implementation of nutrition and lifestyle".


"Johnny, what can I say? A dedicated, intelligent human with the drive to become more than your average naturopath. Johnny has personally helped me physically and mentally by educating me through diet changes and mindset exercises helping me to be the best I can be, and trust me, I gave him a challenge! If you're in need of a health overhaul or just some tweaking of your health strategies, Johnny's calm, caring demeanour matched with his ever growing knowledge will be a fantastic step forward". 


What would it feel like to have someone truly understand you?

To deeply listen and BE WITH what is true for you...

To hold you to your integrity...

People work with me for one primary reason.

To REMEMBER how to live from the nature of their own being. 

To be guided back to their own natural ability to THRIVE.


Embodied as a way of being, no longer just a concept.

You know you are capable of more in this life.
I'm here to help you prove it to yourself.


Meet Brittany

Results you can expect, because they are results my clients experience

  • Goes from struggling to get out of bed to having abundant energy on demand. 

  • Ending a life-long struggle with self-doubt and insecurity.

  • From total resentment of their parents to fully restoring love in the family.

  • Getting incredible sleep, sustained energy & deep vitality.

  • From being constantly argumentative and reactive to emotional connection and clear communication.

  • Ending addictions to substances like cannabis, alcohol, porn, cigarettes, sugar, coffee.

  • Rewiring their deep beliefs around health, love and struggle

  •  Feeling more content within, regardless of life's outer circumstances.


Everything You Want Is On The Other Side of Accepting Your Wholeness

No part of you is left unexplored when we work together, in fact... it's required. When you are honest with where you're at, and have the right map, your road to wellness can be graceful and joyous.

Here's what you can do.

How Does it Work?

This coaching journey is a CO-CREATION. It is a willing partnership that requires both coach and client to show up fully and give 100%.

Together we will:

  • Create a thriving self care vision for your ideal life.

  • Develop and implement strategies and rituals to make that vision a reality.

  • Identify and clear any limiting mindsets and subconscious programs that have kept you stuck so that you can begin embodying new and empowering ones. 

  • Get really clear on what your nervous system really needs to be able to create sustainable change in your life and how to develop those skills. 

  • Learn the fundamental principals of health and vitality and how to embody them as a natural state of being in your life. 

Ultimately, this is all about re-establishing the spaciousness of your being so that life can flow through you again . Its about stripping away all of the resistance that stands in the way of you being a powerful expression of life.

The coaching is facilitated online via private zoom calls with me.

These programs are about breaking long held limiting patterns that have kept you stuck and learning how to create a new thriving reality for yourself, which requires you BEING CHALLENGED. Throughout the coaching program you will have unlimited access to me via voice or text message where you will be held accountable to taking action and challenged to step outside of your comfort zone. 

Maximum growth occurs right at the border of support and challenge. I am here to support you as you strip away all that is NOT you, but also challenge you to step through the confront that comes with creating your ideal life. 

Here's what you can do


Book Your 2 Week Container

2 weeks of private coaching designed to empower you with the tools for lasting transformation of mind, body & spirit


Book Your 4 Week Immersion

4 weeks of private coaching plus access to online course Thriving SELF to transform all areas of your life; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.


Book Your 8 Week Mentorship

Potent 8 week journey of private coaching plus access to online course Thriving SELF diving deeply into creating freedom in all areas of your life.

Ready to discover your Thriving Self?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Health Discovery Session 
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