Coaching with Johnny

Learn the fundamental principles of health & self care & gain the tools you need to dramatically change your life!

Take the confusion out of health & nutrition & regain abundant energy & glowing vitality!

Imagine waking up each and every morning and jumping out of bed with energy, ready to live your day with the confidence of KNOWING how to deeply care for yourself. 

Imagine trusting in the wisdom of your body, knowing what it is communicating to you when it gains weight, begins to ache, bloats in the tummy or gives you a sniffly nose. 


Imagine truly enjoying food, free of the guilt, second guessing and judgement that comes with fad dieting. 


Can you imagine yourself having this deep connection with food, your body and the world around you??? 

Can you imagine what living as your most vibrant, authentic and thriving self would be like?


This level of Vitality is possible!!

You just need to give yourself permission!!



Are you ready to begin your journey back to vibrant health?

I'll guide you every step of the way.

Whats involved in coaching?

In depth understanding of ancestral nutrition & eating for your biology
Completely individualised approach. No blueprint fad diet plans. No 2 people are the same
Health & nutrition made simple. Concepts of nutrition & physiological processes conveyed in completely relatable terms. 
Practical action steps suited to you
Educational resources to help you create lasting transformation. 
Ongoing support, nurturing and accountability throughout your journey to your authentic, thriving self.

Who is it for?

Coaching is for people who...
Are ready to take full responsibility for their own health.
Are sick of being confused, exhausted and lost navigating all the conflicting information out there.