~Wayne Dyer

"Don't leave this world with

your music still in you"

What if vibrant health is simple? It is after all your natural state and your birth right.


What if it doesn’t require restrictive “diets”, miracle supplements and brutal exercise routines?


What if it isn’t normal to grow old, decrepit and sick as you age?


What if all you need to do is reconnect with your authentic self, with the natural rhythms of the earth and bask in the sunshine, clean air, water and abundant natural food that is already served up on Mother Nature’s table?

You just have to give yourself permission!

Johnny is whole-heartedly passionate about guiding you back to this state of vibrant health by empowering you with the knowledge, tools and skill-set necessary to master every aspect of your health.


Your health is your responsibility and your journey. Johnny’s mission is merely to equip you with the tools for self mastery. To inspire you to inspire yourself. To guide you far enough down the path of self discovery that you no longer need any guru other than yourself.


Nature Lover

Difference Maker

I am deeply passionate about guiding people back to a place of Self Care and Self Mastery.


I love inspiring people to inspire themselves. 

Where my journey began....

15 years ago, I was a typical 13-year-old boy, eating lots and lots packaged cereal and white bread and never giving it a second thought. Ridiculous amounts of white, processed flour, sugar, milk, margarine, potato, corn and meat wrapped in plastic that was on special at the supermarket. And like most kids, I had absolutely no idea where my food came from. But there was something that just didn't make sense to me about food just showing up on a supermarket shelf. So what was there for me was a heap of nutrient void processed foods, and what wasn’t there for me were all the things that I now know to be crucial for the development and vitality of a human being.

So much about the world we live in just didn't make sense to me...

Fast forward to 10 years ago I was 18 years old and not much had changed in terms of diet, except now there was of course the addition of alcohol. I was already running into health issues, which at the time were never second-guessed and just considered normal teenage illnesses. I realize now that I was in a chronic state of inflammation and stress from the foods that I was eating and lack of nutrients that my body was crying out for. I had respiratory issues like bronchitis, cavity riddled teeth and my joints and vision even seemed to be getting worse, even at such a young age.

I just couldn't accept that it was normal

for people to get sick...

Fast forward to 5 years ago I found my own health, as well the health of many loved ones starting to deteriorate. I found myself wondering how it is that so many people can follow the food pyramid guidelines put forward by our governments and nutrition experts and still end up with chronic diseases. It didn’t make sense to me that people had cavities in their teeth. That children come into the world needing glasses. That the most important and basic of human needs such as vision, is impaired from a young age in most people. That 1 in 2 people now are getting cancer. That 90% of people over the age of 80 have Alzheimer’s or dementia.

So I began to trust my intuition and search for answers myself.

So my journey into natural health began. I was introduced to the brilliant work of Weston A Price, who discovered that every thriving indigenous culture on the planet has one thing in common. They don’t get chronic disease, until we force our stressful western diet and lifestyle on them that is. And that sparked a passion in me that I carry with me every single day. I started studying ancestral nutrition and herbal medicine and I continue learning every day of my life.

My purpose in this life is to be a torchbearer of ancient wisdom and to empower you to take complete control of your own health. 

Nobody knows more about your body than you do. You live there.

Let me teach you how to tune in and listen to it.

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