Whatever You Do....Be Authentic!

For this post I have decided to step a little bit left of field and talk about a principal of health that is perhaps even more fundamentally important than food, and that is passion and living congruently with what you value in life. By no means do I consider myself a spiritual guru, nor do I have a great deal of life experience, but I am very HOLISTIC in my approach to health and to be holistic is to fulfil every aspect of life congruently. My intention here is to simply share many of the insights that have been introduced to me that have had a profound impact on my life. I believe that this is a topic that the majority of people fail to truly reflect on and apply to their lives, so I believe it is worth delving into.

Something that I was oblivious to until around a year ago when I was introduced to John Demartini, is that every single human being on this planet has a purpose and a set of values in their life that they are destined to live in accordance with and fulfil. Just like every cell in the human body has a specific purpose, so do you. We all have something that we absolutely love to do and are passionate about, whether we are conscious of it or not. Our passion and our value system is the driving force of our lives. And when we tap into this passion it can re-enliven the body and give us energy we wouldn’t otherwise have. When you live congruently with your highest values, nobody needs to motivate you. You are inspired from within to jump into each and every day because you are doing what you love.

Now of course this is no new age concept. It is an inherent part of the human experience and people have been preaching this all throughout time. But it seems as though things are shifting in the modern day and people are starting to realise that this economic/monetary system that we are all indoctrinated into, is not what life is truly about. Do you really think that we were put on this earth to chase a piece of paper or a number on a computer screen bank account? Not only is chronic degenerative disease skyrocketing, so to is the prevalence of mental health issues. What if this is not due to so called illness but rather the result of living lives that go against the very thing that enlivens us. Living an existence that doesn’t inspire us. Unrealistically comparing your life to that of others or what is considered normal. Living a life that doesn’t fulfil your innermost desire to express yourself. What if the very system that has been set up for us, that is working 9-5 in a job that you hate and sacrificing what you love in order to pay the bills, is slowly draining us of life force and manifesting as illness?

It seems like a relatively straightforward principle doesn’t it? But discovering just what it is that you are passionate about is often easier said than done, and it is often not what you think it is. It is so common for people to chase careers or go down life paths that they believe they are supposed to go down, whether it’s because of the values of their parents being projected onto them or cultural norms that people feel they need to live up to. I personally spent years studying, binge drinking at university and doing things that I thought were the right things to do, simply because drinking was cool and we are taught that exercise is the mainstay to health and that all guys need to be buff and ripped and less than 10% body fat and so on, so I pursued a career in the fitness industry. In retrospect I now realise that something deep inside me always felt that something was missing and it never felt right to me to binge drink every weekend to escape reality, but I ignored these signs and stayed on the hamster wheel.

What Demartini helped me realise is that it is not necessarily what you have in your mind that is your highest value, but rather what your life demonstrates to you. What consistently shows up in your life? What do you fill your immediate space with? What does nobody have to remind or motivate you to do? What things do you find yourself completely absorbed in and attentive to? What gives you chills or even brings a tear to your eye when you think about it or listen to or watch it? What topic do you find yourself retaining every bit of information and are able to speak about for hours without even thinking about it? These are all subtle signs from the universe trying to reveal to you the path that you are truly destined for. By simply asking myself these questions I realised that I value health, personal and mental development and spirituality above all else and all of my subconscious decisions in life have been leading me down this path.

People often feel ashamed or guilty for doing what they love because it ‘isn’t profitable, doesn’t serve the economy or simply because it is unorthodox’. But the reality is that the world doesn’t need more Doctors, political leaders, spiritual gurus, peace activists etc. The world needs more passionate people. It needs each and every individual to awaken to what they truly love to do in life and fulfil that purpose. Find out what makes you come alive and go do it, and don’t look back or worry about what other people think about it.

As Demartini so eloquently says, “Trying to be what you’re not is tiring, boring and limits your chances of success. Be honest about what you actually enjoy doing, as this reveals where your true priorities lie. And accept it. Pretending to like yoga or politics because you think you should doesn’t help anyone. Set goals that are congruent to what you like, then sit back and enjoy how they automatically energise your life”.

Not only does living your passion energise you, it is also infectious. It will affect everybody around you. We’ve all got at least one friend who is ridiculously confident, annoyingly successful and seems to breeze through life, and their presence is always quite profound. Maybe they are just lucky. Or maybe they are living congruently with what they truly value in life and are attracting abundant opportunities that help them move forward and be successful. We are all capable of this abundance; it just takes a great deal of self-reflection and personal development to set it in motion.

I hope that this plants a seed of thought in at least some of you. I know that many of you are likely already living your dreams and that is awesome. But if any of this seems to resonate with you, do yourself a favour and spend some time asking yourself the questions mentioned above. If you find yourself getting Mondayitis, happy hump day and thank f8#k it’s Friday then this is a tell tail sign that you are living incongruently with your true highest values, and you are unfulfilled. If this is you and you yearn for a better way to live then everyday ask yourself those questions and spend a little time getting clear on exactly what you want in life. Often the road to a healthy life begins at this point. Rather than working yourself into the ground with the belief that you are preparing for happiness in the future, discover what you love to do more than anything else and find a way to be financially rewarded to do it everyday of your life right now.

I know that fear can stand in the way of many people who strive to do this. It is important to realise that fear is just an illusion. It is false evidence appearing real. An unrealistic expectation that a particular outcome will be more negative than positive or bring more pain than pleasure. Fear is one of those signs trying to point you in the right direction. It serves to reveal to you the areas of your life that you need to take ownership of in order to move forward in your life. It may seem cliche, but it is a truest truth. I know I struggled with fear for many years and it crippled my confidence, but if I hadn’t stared it in the face and moved through it, I wouldn’t be doing what I love and pursuing my passions today.