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Just Breathe

To Inspire is to be In Spirit

This first challenge could not be more simple. 

It involves nothing more than slowing down, taking a few moments and just focusing on your breath. 

Air truly is a beautiful thing. 

It is the totally shared medium.

It was called spirit because it gives life to all things. 

There is quite literally nothing in this physical world more important than your next breath. 

You can go days without water, weeks without food but only a matter of minutes without your breath. 

And yet it is focused on so little in the modern world. We breathe unconsciously, shallowly, and utilise far from the full potential of the breath to literally light up every fibre of our being. 

Deep, conscious breathing from the diaphragm has even been shown to significantly reduce stress, lower blood-pressure, improve sleep and return the nervous system to a "parasympathetic" (rest & digest) state.

This breathing challenge could not be more simple:

  1. Close your eyes

  2. Inhale deeply through the nose into your belly for a count of 5 seconds

  3. Hold that breath for a count of 5 seconds

  4. Exhale slowly for a count of 5 seconds

  5. Hold the breath at the bottom of the exhale (empty lungs) for another count of 5 seconds

  6. Repeat for 2-4 minutes

If the 5 second holds are a little too long for you, just adjust it to what is comfortable for you. 

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